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Thanks to modern technology and a creative architect, we are able to give you a bird’s eye view of the proposed store. This picture is a little more interesting to look at than the plain drawing.

As you can see from this picture, when people come to the abbey, they are only seeing a small part of the monastery. They come to pray in the church. They take advantage of the silence and solitude of the gatehouse parlor. Some come seeking guidance, counsel and the sacrament of reconciliation. Some come shopping in the gatehouse store, seeking to buy some delicious treats to munch on or a good book to feed their soul.

As monks, we have committed ourselves to seeking God in prayer and solitude. A part of our search for God includes extending hospitality to the many people who visit the monastery. The renovation of the church enabled us to provide a beautiful and elegant prayer space where monks and guests can offer the Divine Majesty a sacrifice of praise.

Come Pray with us!

With the completion of the church renovation project, we have decided to move on to the next phase of our Master Plan for the abbey: the renovation of the Gatehouse.

Phase One

Merton Hall


New Store

Phase Two

Reception Area

Confessional Rooms

Meeting Rooms

With the present set up, people seeking a quiet place are intruded upon by people visiting the abbey store. The objective of the gatehouse renovation project is to separate the busy areas of the store and Merton Hall from the quiet area of the parlor and counselling rooms.

In order to create this quiet space can be created by relocating the busier activities of group lectures and the abbey store at the opposite end of the gatehouse complex.

The Construction has begun!



New Entrance and lounge












New Bathroom












New Merton Hall












New Store Area








As we did for the renovation of the church, we are asking you to consider partnering with us in making the gatehouse renovation project a reality. Be assured that no offering is too small. Any and every donation will help us reach our goal. Your generosity in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.

We are most grateful to the people who have responded to our request for help. Together, we can make the Gatehouse Renovation Project a reality. Here is an update on the donations received.

Donations received: $22,400.52

Thank you for you generous support!

If you would like to contribute to the Gate House Project, please visit our donation page.

Stay tuned as our plans continue to develop.




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