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April 3, 2016


Today, Divine Mercy Sunday, we celebrate the end of the joyful Easter Octave. In keeping with our usual practice we will have our annual Easter Gauadeamus (let us rejoice!) supper, that is a talking supper! Normally all of our meals are taken in silence with reading or music during the main meal except for supper at Christmas and Easter. Rejoice we will!

Then on Monday we will celebrate the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, transferred from the usual date, March 25th, which fell during Holy Week this year. To top things off it will be the monthly hermit day on the following Wednesday.

Aerial-1 [1]

Aerial View of Abbey (click to enlarge)

Birds Eye View
Ever wonder what the Abbey looks like from the perspective of our feathered friends flying overhead? Our friend and neighbor from nearby Fowlerville a graphic artist and photographer, Tom McCarthy, testing his new drone gives us a look. There’s more to the Abbey than meets the eye coming up the front road including church, living quarters, library, bakery etc.

Tom also designed the new packaging for some of our specialty bakery items soon to appear on our updated bakery web site currently under construction.

Life in the Cloister
Taking us from a birds eye view of the Abbey to an inside glimpse at life within the cloister the Livingston County News ran a story on monastic life in the current edition. The article was originally an interview by Ryan Conway, a teacher at York Central School, for a class project for his students. Having it published in the paper is an effort to inform people of the existence of the monastery in their midst. It is surprising how many local residents are unaware of the its presence. One of the side effects, no doubt, of living the ‘hidden life’. The article can be found at Sixty Years of Monkhood. . . [2]

Lectio Notebook

The monastery is an expression of the mystery of the Church, where nothing is preferred to the praise of the Father’s glory. Every effort is made to ensure that the common life in its entirety conforms to the Gospel, which is the supreme law.

In this way the community will not be lacking in any spiritual gift. The monks strive to remain in harmony with all the people of God and share their active desire for the unity of all Christians. By fidelity to their monastic way of life, which has it own hidden mode of apostolic fruitfulness, monks perform a service for God’s people and the whole human race.

Each community of the Order and all the monks are dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother and Symbol of the Church in the order of faith, love and perfect union with Christ.

OCSO Constitutions and Statutes
Constitution 3,#4