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On Property Bread Store

When the monks arrived from The Abbey of Gethsemani in the spring of 1951, Br. Sylvester began baking a wholesome, old fashioned loaf of bread for the community and a few guests. Before long guests and visitors were asking to purchase this unique loaf.

Adjoining the reception room we offer a selection of books and CDs about spiritual and monastic life. A variety of Monks’ Bread products from our own bakery along with select products from other monastic communities is available in our enlarged bread store.

To respond to the demand for bread, now known as Monks’ Bread, it was decided to incorporate a small bakery in the new Abbey the monks were building. By the spring of 1956 things had progressed to where a large modern bakery was set in operation. Today that bakery, continually upgraded and improved, is still in operation producing nine varieties of Monks’ Bread: white, whole wheat, raisin, maple cinnamon, sunflower bran, multi-grain, and, during Christmas and Easter holiday seasons, holiday bread.

All of these varieties are available in the recently renovated bread store here at the Abbey at discount prices. Visit our Breads and Cakes [1] page for a list of products made by the brothers here at the Abbey.


Monks' Bread - on-line [2]
For detailed information about our products visit:
monksbread.com. [3]



Revolving tower where bread is cooled
after leaving the oven and entering the slicer.


Br. James delivering freshly baked bread
to the Abbey’s bread store.

Monks’ Bread is a specialty loaf in which only the finest ingredients are used and baked according to the old-fashioned fermentation process. This process requires some five hours from beginning to the end of the process and some 14 people laboring at various machines along the way.


Br. James & helper restocking store
with fresh bread.


Customers purchasing Monks’ Bread
at checkout counter.

Presently the monks bake three days a week. Besides being available here at the Abbey our bread is sold to a local distributor for distribution to supermarkets in Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse, New York. In addition to our bread varieties we also carry a line of cakes baked here at the Abbey along with a variety of Trappist Preserves Honey, coffee and Trappistine Candy. All these items and more are also available on-line at: Monks’ Bread on-line store [8].

Abbey Bread Store Hours

Year Round:
Monday to Saturday
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Sunday All Year:
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
After Mass to 12:00 Noon
Closed All Afternoon

For a virtual tour of our bakery visit our Bakery Tour Page [9].